MIUI v4 ICS – 2.4.13 [Desire S]



* Optimisation of interface
* The repair of the Desktop home button, recent task pane flash-back problems


* Optimisation of load speed of contacts
* Optimisation of the contact list and search style
* Optimised contact search style


* Add send SMS details to other contacts
* Delete edit slide to remove MMS layout

* Improve SMS bulk delete performance
* Optimise SMS backup and recovery performance

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]

* Optimisation of the new notification icon in the status bar display
* Optimise quick clicking on the notification bar shut down / restart toggle, the status bar reports the selected status
* Optimise shut down / restart confirm dialogue box style
* Optimise variety lock screen efficiency by over 30%
* Repair status bar icon or operators information is not displayed
* Fix error opening the lock screen Torch under certain circumstances
* Fix the drop-down notification bar, status bar background flickering problem


* Add new version of the theme interface (not fully implemented)
* Optimise theme resource loading efficiency


* Optimise recorded video is stored as MP4 format
* Fix in guarded mode, from the lock screen attempting to activate the camera leads to FC
* Fix if the camera is activated when the screen is locked, still AF issues


* Add in sort by size and date, display picture size and date information
* Added 12 pre-set picture groups and two pre-sets for screenshots
* Increase capacity of allowed number of pictures in each album
* New prompts for group albums
* Optimise the pop-up confirmation prompt delete dialogue
* Optimise saving the last viewed Album
* Repair single page album sorting problems
* Repair of a single album page in HTC Sensation resolution problems
* Repair the Image details page to delete the last picture, cannot slide to delete
* Repair Image details page action bar
* Optimise photo details page double click zoom effect
* Repair album and photo details page to exit edit mode, the screen flashes
* Repair opening photo from Camera into gallery slide shown causes memory leaks
* Fix problems with the share photo screen
* Fix photo details displaying the wrong time information
* Fix gallery thumbnails
* Fix problems returning list of albums
* Fix unusual title gradient problems


* Add Nexus S to support WMA music format
* Add support in status bar to control playback operations
* Optimised wire priority strategies
* Repair song titles with single quotes, online music player fails
* Fix problems in edit mode, selecting multiple songs to add to playlist


* Optimise new Wi-Fi connection
* Optimise access point name (APN) settings & logic
* Optimize the APN settings item

[File Explorer]

* Optimisation of apk classification

[LED lights]

* Optimise the colour and blink rate settings

[Alarm Clock]

* The new timer does not set text reminder
* Optimisation of the timer and stopwatch button text is not centred
* Optimise the new alarm clock, the time defaults to the current time
* Repair after the alarm clock ringing, delete data ring

* Optimisation of the alarm clock memory
* Fix jittery graphics problems with the timer countdown circle
* Fix other incompatibility problems
* Fix problem resetting the timer and forcing application to quite, returning to the application does not clear the counter
* Fix problems with mangled UI in different screen resolutions


download: MIUI-v4-Saga-2.4.13-RD_Edition.zip
md5: d0ffe8c52f0aa214c2c03c38fc50dec2


miuiandroid.comrd-miui by dekky


2 thoughts on “MIUI v4 ICS – 2.4.13 [Desire S]

  1. Does your device have to be set to S-OFF, as I have a hboot of 2.00.0002 and am finding it difficult to do this.

    • My device is S-ON, and could root with MIUI. I do have to flash the boot.img manually. That sorted the problem for me. Hope it helps you too!

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