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HTC Desire HD (ace) & HTC Desire S (saga) only..

PrimoS Changelog

Primo-S 3.2 [04-04-2012]

- Twitter added to Friendstream
- Longpress Home button for Recent Apps
- Beats audio support
- SD-Mount without third part app
- Battery percentage
- Advanced Power Menu
- Fix package signature checking
- Media controls in screen off state by long press volume keys
- reverted to Quattro Kernel for Desire S, LordCLockan's for Desire HD
- added inspire sound fixes, hopefully they works
- FM Radio & Mic on apps doesnt work.
- Updated Busybox
- Updated Installer-Script
- Bluetooth Audio fix (must tested)
- Stock Bootanimation
- Inspire & Telus audio fix (must tested)
- updated adfree hosts
- removed Daemon OC Controller
- updated Twitter to latest 3.1.2
- Changed Virtuous OC Settings

credits: Explosive, lyapota, proxuser, mike1986.

v3.1 - 30-03-2012

- deodexed (thx Jam182)
- zipaligned with sdk17
- updated Sense Home 3D
- added Trace Keyboard
- updated Google Market apps
- changes for inspire sound (noot tested)
- added Live Wallpapers

v3.0 - 24-03-2012

- new port, not used old files.
- still using odexed app/framework
- new kernel
- new wifi module (wlan0)
- microphone fixed (on apps)
- fm radio fixed
- bluetooth fixed (tested pair with n97)
- removed all htc report stuff
- added new languages (@virtuous team)
- speed tweaks, oc daemon by (@virtuous team)
- updated es file explorer
- updated google maps 6.4.0
credits to fixes: virtuous team!

v2.1 - 21.03.2012

- included missing matte skin
- included oc daemon & daemon controller (that should solve your freeze issues)
- ram script for init.d (by lowveld)
- bluetooth fixed again
- black bootanimation
- and more..

v2.0 - 20.03.2012

- new base: 1.56.401.1
- menu on screen (removed by htc on new base)
- friendstream works good (facebook, flickr)
- long press search as menu button (new base feature)
- Homescreen slide no more 3d lite (same as sense 2.1)
- Car mode works good
- applied fixes from previous releases
- removed inc-s and desire z support (it doesnt booted)
- if inspire or telus users not sound then try flash this (after rom)
- and what i forgot..

v1.3 - 17.03.2012

- 2 new devices supported
--Indredible S
- modified values for each devices info
- changed desire hd kernel to lordclockan's
- fixed inspire sound, wifi

v1.2 - 17.03.2012

- wifi fixed 100 % (thx ronks888)
- ram optimize script (thx lowveld)
- usb mount app it will require root access but will work 100% !! (thx Bexton)
- included updated desire hd kernel (same like wifi-fixed kernel - the first one)
- inspire soundimages from virtuous team (hope it works) cant test myself sorry guys

v1.1 - 15.03.2012

- reverted kernel to quattro (for speed)
- wifi is sadly not 100% fixed
- fixed music play (thx xvicedice and community)
- added Teeter back
- added Soundhound back
- added Facebook & Twitter to system (with odex) old version
- Google Plus
- Inspire & Telus Soundfiles added (need testing)

v1.0 - 14.03.2012

- new sense ics kernel by m-deejay with my ramdisk and fixes (thx to VIRTUOUS TEAM!!)
- fixed wifi (must add your network manual) (thx to lowveld)
- fixed bluetooth
- fixed gps
- fixed rotation
- fixed su (thx Chainfire for SuperSU)
- Search button as Recent Apps (thx Shrome99)
- updated Twitter
- updated Facebook
- updated Adobe Flash Player
- added Quick boot
- multi device support (Desire S and Desire HD only for now)
- and what i forgot..


23 thoughts on “Primo-S

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  2. This message comes up telling me how to do things like drag down notifications and stuff like that but it wont go away can anyone help me???

  3. Used the Primo 3.0 file to upgrade my HTC Inspire 4G to ICS 4 with Sense 4. Audio is not working. The file which is needed to fix this is not longer available in this site, and when doing a Google search, all links point to this site. Where can I find this file?

      • There is a file called “” (do a Googel search as I can’t remember where I got it). With this file the audio is fixed. Just run it as any other ROM instalaltion.

      • Adrian, thanks I was able to find it. Do you know if there is camera support yet for the update?

  4. When will primo-s for HTC Disire HD/ Inspire 4g have a camera fix…. I’ve knotice ever since primo-s came out ago with v3.5 ther has been no updated unlike the HTC Disire S, which is at v4.1

  5. Not yet. I am planning to update to another ROM. Considering Cyanogen 7, although it’s Android 2.3, everything works, including bluetooth and camera. There are also other ICS ROMS, but when I try to use them I always get status error 7 (using Clockwork Recovery).

    • Why will there be no camera fix for DHD.. I love the primo s sorties for it. Since HTC is not realeasing a 4.0 update for the DHD. The rom is already stable enough, just needs a camera fixed.

  6. i have nothing but great things to say about this rom, by far the least glitchy rom (it actually is less glitchy that the stock rom on the phone) i have used and i have used several, testing them out and seeing which one i liked, my only problem is i have the desire HD and want to use the camera, do you know when/if this update will become available?

  7. That’s why I removed it. Also, besides the camera, bluetooth doesn’t work (you can enable it and see the icon on the notification bar, but doesn’t connect or allow any connection – tried with my PC and headset). I removed it and installed Cyanogen 7.2. Works great and has many enhancements that the HTC stock 2.3 ROM has.

    Until the camera, bluettooth, audio, video, etc., work properly, I will not install this nor any ICS ROM. Not worth having a phone that doesn’t function completely.

    A question, are you getting better battery life with this ICS ROM than with the HTC 2.3 stock ROM?

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